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How do you ensure quality work while maintaining profitability? As a small business operating in the current environment, you need to face cut-throat competition almost every day. Labor-intensive work such as data entry, bookkeeping, software and web development, etc. are best handed over to professional service providers. Cloud computing has made it easier to outsource tasks that are non-core. Small and mid-sized businesses are now taking off thanks to the freedom this accords them. We routinely partner with businesses to provide them with reliable solutions in all non-core functions, including specific ones such as software and web development. Outsourcing your non-core functions not only saves time for you, it also ensures that you get work that is of higher quality, and thus more accurate and reliable.

Companies like us

We provide professional back-office services, including bookkeeping, accounting, financial services like controller and CFO services, web and software development, web marketing and data entry among others. This is just an introduction to our services, and not a full list of what we provide. Our services are tailor made, customized and entirely scalable.

Our reasonable rates translate into cost effectiveness for our clients. Many of our clients report savings or recovery of nearly 40% of the costs they would have otherwise incurred in managing in-house resources. Take a look at the other benefits:

  • Access to expertise and professional skills
  • Access to current technology and infrastructure
  • Access to data through a secure web portal that allows clients access to their data anytime and from any geographic location.

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We started working with Business InfoTech Solutions about 3 years ago after hearing about them from a mutual client...