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Accounting Services and Business Solutions

As a business owner, regardless of the size of your business, accounting services and solutions hold a significant place in your organization because these are basic functions that can help make or break the bottom line. But, for most small and mid-size businesses, the decision to hire a dedicated resource for accounting services and solutions can prove to be a very big challenge in the face of budget constraints. To resolve this, businesses will often pull out resources from other departments to address their accounting needs, often at the cost of other client services.

At Business InfoTech Solutions, our services can help you out with professional expertise and business-relevant insights in bookkeeping and accounting to ensure your books and financial records are updated and current. Further, our outsourcing services, including complete business accounting solutions can help you save as much as 40% of costs, when compared with the efforts and expenses involved in hiring and maintaining your own dedicated department. Our services are different in terms of superiority of expertise, infrastructure, and execution. We employ automation and accounting systems integration to enable accurate and reliable management for all your accounting and bookkeeping data.

Our staff includes professionals who understand business accounting needs for small businesses; our services and solutions are aligned with your goals – both of time and costs conservation.

Our work encompasses businesses including accounting services firms where accuracy and timeliness are of essence. As a result, our clients prefer to retain their businesses with us; our current bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation services clients renew their accounts with us year after year. Our annual customer renewal rate is upwards of 95% while more than 50% of our clients have increased their business services assignments to include areas like web marketing and other business support solutions.

We utilize Business InfoTech Solutions’s system in every accounting aspect, including the completion of fiscal year end audit...