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Accounting System & Integration

The professionals at Business InfoTech Solutions take your accounting integration needs and customize solutions and services around them. Our experts work with you from the beginning, including choosing the right software for you, up to execution, to ensure that you get solutions that are the most relevant and useful for your business' accounting needs. Further, to ensure the right match, we provide you with a team of accounting and IT professionals with significant experience in managing needs for small and mid-size businesses, as well as in executing those needs on current infrastructure. Whether it is QuickBooks, Peachtree, GreatPlains, or Intacct, you get not just account integration, you also receive support for concerns and queries, as well as troubleshooting for your system.

Our accounts integration includes:

  • Data entry and conversion
  • Integration with Third-Party Applications like Time management, Billing system, etc
  • Integration for e-commerce needs
  • Local and Remote Application Hosting
  • Data Entry and Conversion services
  • Help desk and training for online accounting system

Business InfoTech Solutions developed an integrated system that allowed us to look ahead at our budgets...