Email marketing services for small business

Email marketing is a highly successful strategy which instantly delivers your marketing messages to your target audience. Business InfoTech Solutions offers you customized email marketing services, including for small business, and we can manage email campaign marketing on your behalf for newsletters, business flyers, text emails, designer emails, e-postcards and product launch campaigns. At the conclusion of a successful campaign, we forward to you a comprehensive report on the number of interested recipients, mail bounces and clicks from that email campaign.

As part of our email marketing services, we can design the email template and run the campaign on a database provided by you. If you are a small business and do not yet have access to a database, we can also assist in sourcing an email database vendor for you to help your email marketing services gain better mileage.

What can you expect from your email campaign?

Regardless of whether you are a small business or a mid-sized one, as part of our email marketing services, we offer you:

  • Instant transmission of your communication
  • Cost-effective and accountable results
  • Adjustable target market, as required

The breadth and depth of services Business InfoTech Solutions offers is pretty amazing. What’s even more amazing...